Using My Funnel
(Step 1) How This Works
(Step 2) Import Funnel  
(Step 3) Connecting Email 
Step 4 Add Your Email
(Step 5)  Creating List
(Step 6)  Setting Up Automation
Advanced Automations 
Keeping Leads In Your Flow
Put Leads Into New Campaign From Flow
Bonus Content!
IMPORTANT! This training works the same for affiliate marketing. This is based on my products but it works the same. I will be uploaded more videos as we go but I don't want to pile on all the information to you now. You actually already have the funnels and everything you need. Your bait in the free training in the lessons, you have the funnel. All you need to do is change out the links and start sending traffic.
Remember that this is from one of my other training courses but it works the same.
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