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Before you start you need to understand CPL. Watch this video to see the potential and how all of this works. It's not very long then we can get into the Solo Ads.
So Solo Ad traffic is awesome for beginners because it's cheap and works. In this video, I take you through how it all works. Remember it's not about making a profit right away.
If you want to put a tracking pixel on your page so you can use trackers or paid ads then I recommend you build a bridge page. A bridge page is a gap where you can offer a product. In this video, I show you how to easily do it. I would recommend doing a simple bridge page so you can use a Tracker like I show you in the link tracking video.
If you don't want to use a bridge page you can just direct to an offer to try to make some money from the front end. When doing this you can't use trackers as you have no access to the affiliate page and you can't do this when doing paid advertising like Facebook. You would need a bridge page in that case.
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